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About Us

Heidi is known for her person-centred style of counselling. She is highly intuitive and insightful, and provides an empathic, peaceful, and safe environment in which healing can occur.​

Heidi draws on the wisdom gleaned from over 20 years of counselling experience providing therapy to people of all ages. Heidi has the ability to understand each person's unique set of circumstances within their family, context, and community, and guides them to find their own way. Clients appreciate Heidi's sensitive and gentle manner, and benefit from her insights and feedback.

Individuals who might initially have been reluctant to start therapy find emotional safety with Heidi, and return for more self-discovery through their counselling work with her.

Through therapy, clients learn coping strategies for their lives, acquire effective communication skills they can use in their relationships, and develop techniques to combat anxiety and depression or to minimize the effects of PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder).

People have shared with Heidi that they get relief from their symptoms, feel less stressed and overwhelmed, and cope better with their life situations and circumstances. Clients describe her feedback as thoughtful and wise, and the techniques she suggests as practical strategies they can incorporate into their lives.

Heidi makes confidentiality her first priority to ensure the privacy of her clients in the interconnected community of the Sunshine Coast. She is professional and discreet, and has a trusted reputation among other professionals such as doctors and school personnel, as well as with her clients.

Couples have described her relationship therapy approach as "life changing". Through their work with Heidi, they have gained new ways of viewing each other and themselves which have dramatically altered the course of their relationships.

Teens who receive counselling from Heidi warm up to her easily. Their parents are provided with helpful feedback to ensure they have have a better understanding of how they, too, can help their children

Heidi's therapy practice is located in the the welcoming Gibsons Health and Wellness Centre, home also to a chiropractor, registered massage therapists, acupuncturist, and homeopath.

When you phone Heidi's direct line, you will reach her personal voice mail which is completely confidential.


Gibsons Health and Wellness Centre

441 Marine Dr.

Gibsons, BC

Phone: (604) 741-1775 Heidi's direct line. Private and confidential

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